interesting facts about tom hanks

Interesting facts about Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is a famous actor and a renowned filmmaker at American film industry. Regarded as an American Cultural Icon, Tom Hanks real name is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks. He is one of the few actors in the world whose films were considered among 5th highest grossing films in North America. Along with two Academy Awards, Tom has been accoladed with many more award from all over the world. But is this the end of Tom Hanks unknown facts! – The answer is Big – NO. Tom Hanks is a legend and he is living with numerous interesting facts.

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Personal Information
Full name:Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
Birth date:9th July,1956
Birth Place:Concord,California, U.S
Nationality:American and Greek(honorary)
Education:California State University and Chabot College
Net worth:$350 million (as of 2020)
Parents:Janet Marylyn, Amos Mefford Hanks
Wife:Rita Wilson
Children:Colin Hanks, Elizabeth Hanks, Chester Marlon, Truman Theodore
Occupation:Actor, Filmmaker
Weight:82 kg
Height:6 feet
Eye and hair color:Moss Green and Grey
Favourite things
Favorite Book:In Cold Blood
Favorite food:Japanese Cuisine
Favorite Movies:Elephant, 2001”A Space Odyssey, The Godfather
Favourite NFL team:Oakland Raiders

Childhood and early life-

Tom was born to a Portuguese descent mother Jamet Marylyn and a British ancestry father Amos Mefford Hanks.

Tom Hanks has three siblings- Jim Hanks, Larry Hanks, and Sandra Hanks.

Hanks was born on 9 th July 1956 at Concord, the largest city in Contra Costa County of California state.

His mother was a hospital worker while his father was an itinerant cook.

After his parents got a divorce in 1960, he and Larry moved with his father. He’s another actor brother Jim Hanks moved with his mother.

Loves to travel-

From childhood, Tom loved to travel a lot. May be the love conveyed from his childhood times. By the age of 10, he almost lived as many as 10 different houses. It seems like 1 house per year.

Believer of two faiths-

Tom’s family believed in two Christian beliefs – Catholic and Mormon.

Tom Hanks a famous college dropout-

Do you know? Our beloved actor is a college dropout. He got admission to Chabot College for theater studies and after two years there he was transferred to California State University. During his college period, he was interned for three years to study theater. The internship was held in the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. After the internship, his real college degree was not completed. Time Magazine’s 2010 edition marked Tom Hanks as among “Top10College Dropouts”.

Debut in acting-

His debut film was “He knows You’re Alone”, which was released in 1980. While he came to New York just in 1979.

Facts about his memorable roles-

At a time when Tom was a newcomer, a super hit movie “Splash” was under production then. He was not offered the lead role at first. He was supposed to play the wise-cracking brother of the main character. But fate turned to Tom and the lead role went to him. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Original Screenplay and become the 10th highest-grossing film in 1984.

The role of a gay lawyer in the 1993 film “Philadelphia”, Hanks received his first Academy Award for Best Actor award in 1994 Oscar. Singer Bruce Springsteen also won Academy Award for Best Original Song.

During the shooting of “Philadelphia,” Tom Hanks lost 35 Pounds and thinned his hair according to the character. It was the mainstream cinema that projected HIV, homosexuality, and homophobia.

Forest Gump incidents-

1994 was also a lucky charm for Tom. His memorable role in the film “Forest Gump” gave him the second Academy Award for Best Actor in 1995. It was his consecutive Academy Awards and became second actor after Spencer Tracy.

Tom Hanks was so confident about Forest Gump’s success. He stated in an interview that after reading the script for only an hour and half, he signed for the role. Strangely during production, he didn’t charge a single penny. But as a percentage point of the total gross, he received 40 million.

Even he was not the first choice for the film. Veteran actor John Tralota was the first choice and the second choice also not him. Actor Sean Penn was the director’s second choice, but eventually, the role went to Tom Hanks.

In Forest Gump Tom’s body double was his brother Jim Hanks and his daughter Elizabeth Hanks also featured in the movie.

Also tried hands in Direction-

Tom’s directional debut was “That thing you do”. It was a musical comedy and was well-received among the audience.

The most film with Captain tag-

Tom Hanks suite himself as a Captain’s role best. The question arises because among many of his success full films, mainly in four movies- Apollo 13(1995), Saving Private Ryan(1998), Captain Phillips(2013), and 2016 film Sully where he was seen to play the Captain’s role.

He has an asteroid named after him-

Astronomer Joseph L.Montani discovered an asteroid in 1996 and was named as 12818 Tom Hanks by Montani’s colleague Jim Scotti.

A diabetes patient-

On the “Late Show with David Letterman”, Tom revealed that he has type 2 diabetes. The show was aired on October 7, 2013.

Open support with the Democratic Party of U.S.A-

Hanks openly supported his political friends and even uploaded a video on internet where he was endorsing Barrack Obama.

Tom got a nickname-

Hanks has a beautiful nickname given by his fans – “American Dad”.

Love for soccer-

He is a big fan of English soccer club Aston Villa.

Connection with Abraham Lincoln-

Hanks revealed that he is related to America’s late president Abraham Lincoln. During his role as a narrator for National Geographic’ killing Lincoln”, Tom revealed he and his family relationship with the late president.

Awards and recognition-

He became one of the youngest recipients of the American Film Institute’s Life Time Achievement Award in 2015.

After the memorable character of a captain in “Saving Private Ryan”. Tom was inducted as an honorary member of the U.S Army Rangers Halls of Fame.

In 2019 Tom Hanks voted as #1 ranker’ “The Best Actors in Film History”.

In 2014 he received Kennedy Center Honour for his contribution to performing art to the American Culture.

Tom Hanks Apollo 13 movie received two Academy Awards and 7 nominations.

In 2016 he received Presidential Medal of Freedom from then-president Barrack Obama. In the same year, he was awarded one of the highest French Award- Legion of Honour.


His first marriage with his college sweetheart, Samantha Lewes ended with a tragic situation. They married in 1978 and have two children, Colin Hanks and Elizabeth hanks. In 1987 after their divorce, Samantha diagnosed with cancer, She died in 2002 after a prolonged illness of bone cancer. In the meantime, the whole treatment bill was paid by Tom himself.

Love made him convert-

His love toward his second wife shows many aspects of a true lover. After marrying actress Rita Wilson, Hanks converted to Greek Orthodox Church. This happened because Rita was a Greek Orthodox Church believer. Hail true love. 

An avid typewriter collector-

Tom has a total of 80 collections of different types of typewriters. He even uses them regularly.

Net worth –

As of 2020, Tom Hanks’s net worth of $350 million.

Houses she owns-

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita owns two neighborhood houses in southern California. They purchased their two houses of Pacific Palisades in 2003 and 2007 respectively. But they are put on sale for $18 million and they found a buyer who will pay $17.5 million for both houses. They also own property in Malibu and Sun Valley, Idaho.

Owner of some luxurious cars and two private jets-

Tom is a collector of some strange cars. His garage is parked with Toyota Rav4 EV.

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