Interesting facts about Pacific ocean

Interesting facts about Pacific ocean

Earth’s surface is created with 71% of water and 29% of land area. The majority of the water area is Oceans. Around 46 % of the world’s total water reserve is present in a single water body, Pacific Ocean. The total area of the Ocean is 16525000 square kilometers and it is equal to two-thirds of the total land area of the earth. The Pacific Ocean is 15 times larger than the U.S.A. In the Northern part there is the Arctic sea, in the south the Southern Ocean and eastern part there is Asia and Australia at the last two continents South and North America is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean. With full of amazing and interesting islands and many natural wonders, this ocean is like a magical thing for the entire human civilization.

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Some cool facts about the Ocean –

1. The presence of the Arctic Sea in the North to the Southern Ocean in the South and coastal areas of Asia and Australia in the West as well as America’s in the east. The Pacific Ocean has a large presence in the Earth.

2. Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan visited here in 1521. He named this area as “Mar Pacifico”. In Spanish and Portuguese that stands as “peaceful sea”. 

3. During earlier 1600 Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first European who visited the southern part of the ocean via Isthmus of Darien. Coming through this small piece of land Vasco Nunez de Balboa landed into the southern part and named it Mar del Sur. At that time the Pacific Ocean was called the South sea.

4. From 1979 to 2012 a study was concluded where a water pollution area was found. Great Pacific Garbage Patch was the area where most of the ocean garbage was found. The vast area is divided into two sections Western Garbage Patch and Eastern Garbage Patch.

5. The world’s second-largest Island New Guinea can be found in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. The largest island in the world is Greenland.

6. There are nearly 25000 islands and more than 50 countries present around the Pacific ocean. Some of them are U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

7. About 60% of the worlds total fish comes from the Pacific Ocean. 

8. Petroleum and natural gas can be found in shallow waters of Continental shelves which are situated somewhere off the coastal part of Australia and New Zealand.

9. Australian coastal area is famous for pearl harvesting.

10. Many of the endangered animals like sea lions, seal fish, blue whale, dugong can be found in the Pacific Ocean.

11. Some of the Pacific Ocean’s islands have a large presence of animals, birds, and plants, those can be only found in these islands only. Especially the Galapagos Islands are unique in this part. Even Charles Darwin couldn’t resist himself to come here. The natural beauty and reserve insisted on him in the creation of the Theory of Evolution.

12. The Marshall Islands are used as a Pacific Proving Ground for U.S.A from 1946 to 1958. During these periods there are more than 64 atomic tests were happened in different atolls of the Marshall Islands. 

13. Earth’s deepest point is present in the Pacific Ocean western region Mariana Tench. There is a point named Challenger Deep which has a depth of 10984 m and worlds highest point Mount Everest can easily emerge into this lowest point of the Earth. 

14. Pacific ocean has its ecology. Thus it makes the unpredictable atmosphere in the region. Two periodic variations El Nino and La Nino conditions can be found in the Pacific region. El Nino presents the warm air cycle whereas La Nino means the cold wind cycle. These two are truly unpredictable and still under research.

15. The unnatural conditions of the region result in typhoon like storms in the coastal parts of the ocean. Some of the worst affected areas are situated in the northwestern and eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean. Mainly U.S.A and Mexico, Japan are some of the countries that effect most from these typhoons.

16. Moai are the monumental statues created by Rapa Nui people. These Polynesian architectures can be only seen on Easter Island, which is also situated in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean. Now Easter island is a UNESCO world heritage site. 

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