Interesting facts about Antennae Galaxies

Interesting facts about Antennae Galaxies

Antennae galaxies are a pair of galaxies – NGC 4038 and NGC 4039. Currently, they are in a starburst phase where both of them are interacting with each other.

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NameAntennae Galaxies
Distance45 Mly/65 Mly
DesignationNGC 4038,NGC 4039/Caldwell 61,Caldwell 62
Apparent Magnitude11.2/11.1
GroupVirgo cluster
TypeInteracting galaxies

Some amazing facts:

1. Antennae Galaxies were discovered by William Herschel in 1785 just four years after the discovery of Uranus in 1781.

2. Antennae Galaxies are a combination of two spiral galaxies. NGC 4038 a barred spiral galaxy and NGC 4039 is a spiral galaxy.

3. About 1.2 billion years ago Antennae was two different galaxies and around 900 million years ago they started to approach one another.

4. In the next 400 million years both galaxies nuclei will collide and form create a single-core, where dust, gas, and stars will orbit around that.

5. According to Chandra X-Ray observatory, Antennae Galaxies are located in the area where a huge amount of neon, magnesium, and silicon can be found. These elements are actually helped for the creation of life in the planets.

6. Due to the collision of the galaxies, there are a number of globular clusters created. Among them, the young one is 12 billion years old.

7. Antennae galaxies are the closest collided galaxies near to Milky Way Galaxy.

8. Antennae or the two tidal tails are the identities of the Antennae Galaxies, which is created due to the collision. The tail part contains stars, dust and gas particles.

9. Till date, there are five stars discovered into NGC4038 group-  SN 1921A, SN 1974E, SN 2004GT, SN 2007sr and SN 2013dk

This collision proves that most of the galaxies will undergo a collision period at least once in their lifetime. The same will happen to our Milky Way Galaxy which is approaching to Andromeda Galaxy for the collision.  

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