Facts about Mexico

Facts about Mexico

Mexico is a North American country. It has the 7th largest number of UNESCO WORLD Heritage site, which is first in American countries as well. Till now many of us think that the largest pyramid in the world may be in Egypt, but the largest pyramid in the world is in Mexico, The Great Pyramid of Cholula also the largest monument ever constructed. The people of Mexico were the first persons who introduced coffee, corn, and chilies to the world. Mexico is full of ancient architecture and sculptures. Apart from that Mexico has many amazing facts.

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CapitalNew Mexico
Population128649565 (2019)
Area1972550 square kilometer
CurrencyPeso (MXN)
Official LanguagesNone
National AnthemHimno Nacional Mexicano)
ReligionCtholic Christianity
National HolidayJanuary 1(New Years Day),February 5 (Constitution Day), March 21 Benito Juarez’s Birthday, May 1 (Labour Day), September 16 (Independence Day), November 20 (Revolution Day), December 25 (Christmas day)
National FlowerDahlia
Popular SportsCharreria
National BirdGolden Eagle
National animalJaguar

1. There are 68 different types of languages recognized by the Mexican government. The most popular language is Spanish.

2. The largest Spanish speaking persons are in Mexico. In Mexico the largest foreign language is Arabic.

3. Though it is a cosmopolitan country on the whole the people of the country are known as Mexican.

4. Most of the Mexican go to U.S.A for a better life, only a few of them return. The largest Mexican population in the U.S.A can be found in the state of New Mexico.

5. Worlds 14 the largest country Mexico shares 3141 kilometers long border with U.S.A which is the second-largest border fence after U.S.A & Canada border.

6. Worlds largest pyramid Great Pyramid of Cholula is built-in Cholula, Pueblo, Mexico. It is 180 ft high and built in the memory of a Mexican God Quetzalcoatl.

7. The official name of the country is the United Mexican State. In Spanish, it is known as Estados Unidos Mexicanos.

8. Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. It has an average elevation of 2240 metre and that makes it one of the highest elevated capital cities in the world.

9. Mexico City is built on the Lake Texcoco by Aztecs as Tenochtitlan.

10. The world’s lowest volcano Cuexcomate is located in Mexico. The 13 feet high Cuexcomate is originally not a volcano it is an inactive geyser in Pueblo city.

11. One of the dangerous animal Jaguar can be found in the southern jungle of Mexico.

12. Worlds tiniest dog Chihuahua named after a state of Mexico.

13. Volcano Rabbit is an endangered species and rarest rabbits can be found in the volcanic area of Mexico.

14. The National University of Mexico is considered as the oldest university in North America. This university was constructed by Charles V in 1551.

15. Mexico City is known for its ancient architecture, among them are countries The Angel of Independence(El Angel).

16. There many Electronic and car manufacturing units are established in Mexico. Known as “Big Three” Ford, General Motors and Chrysler has a large unit and exporting their cars since the 1930s.

17. Mexico has the 6th largest electronic market after China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

18. The world’s third highest cable-stayed bridge Baluarte Bridge is built in Mexico. 1124 meter long and 19.8-meter wide bridge Baluarte is built across Baluarte river. The construction was built in 2008 and finished in January 2012.

19. Mexico has the second-largest Roman Catholic population after Brazil.

20. 12th December is considered the most important religious holiday in Mexico. This is celebrated as the feast day of “Our Lady of Guadalupe”.

21. Mexico hosts 7500 years old paintings in Baja California Peninsula cave.

22. Famous drink Tequila was originated from a Mexican state Jalisco.

23. Bullfighting is a popular sport in Mexico. Countries most famous bullring is situated in Plaza Mexico, Mexico City.

Famous personalities:

Salma Hayek (actress)

Eiza González (actress,singer)

Kate del Castillo (actress)

Thalía (actress,businesswoman)

Frida Murillo (painter)

Amando Nervo (poet)

Alejandro Zohn (architect)

Mariano Azuelo (author)

Roberto Bravo (Author)

Carlos Slim(Businessman)

Alfonso Romo (Businessman)

Armando Manzanero (singer,composer)

Aron Diaz (actor)

Javier Alatorre (journalists)

Vicente Fox (politician)

Popular destinations:



Playa del Carman

Isla Cozumel

Mexico City




Peurto Vallarta

San Cristobal de las Casas

San Miguel de Allende






Los Cabos



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