Crazy facts about Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is a independent state in Polynesia. Tonga is an archipelago which is consisted of 169 islands. But only 36 are inhabited among them. Tonga got independence from the British in 1970. Since 2010 it became a constitutional monarchy where Tupou VI is the head of the government. Tonga is now a popular tourist destination with beautiful full of sandy beaches and natural caves. Here we mentioned some of the crazy facts about this Polynesian country.  

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Population100651 (2016)
Ethnic groupTongan
Area748 square kilometer
HDI0.717 (high)
CurrencyPa’anga (TOP)
LanguagesTongan, English
National AnthemKo e fasi ʻo e tuʻi ʻo e ʻOtu Tonga
National HolidayConstitution day, Christmas day, New Year’s day, Official Birthday of HM King Tupou VI
National FlowerHeilala flower
National SportsRugby union
Endemic BirdTongan Megapode
Indigenous animalFlying fox

Geographical Facts:

1. Tonga is a Polynesian country, located in a geographical region of Oceania.

2. The country is surrounded by Fiji, Samoa, France, and by some islands under New Zealand.

3. Dutch were the first Europeans to arrived in Tonga. The visited in a place called Tafahi island in 1616.

4. British explorer and navigator James Cook visited Tonga in 1773.

5. Upon impressed by the local people’s hospitality, James Cook named the archipelago “Friendly Islands”.

6. In the Tongan language, the meaning of Tonga means “South”.

7. For administrative purposes, the coun is divided into five levels – ‘Eua, Ha’apai, Ongo Niua, Tongatapu, Vava’u. And these five levels are divided by 23 districts.

8. Most of the population lives in 70% in Tongatapu.

Cultural Facts Tonga:

9. The largest ethnic group in the country is Tongan. They are 96% of the total population.

10. As per the constitution, the country does not have any state religion.

11. The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga is the largest and state church of Tonga.

Economical Facts:

12. The main economy of the country depends on remittance, send by their people working in foreign countries. Nearly double of the country’s population living in different countries like the U.S, New Zealand and Australia.

13. King Tupou VI, his family’s royal members, and some elite class of the society hold the maximum wealth of the country.

14. Fishing and tourism is the main industry of Tonga.

More Interesting facts:

15. Tourists love to visit golden sandy sea beaches and sunbathing.

16. While visiting Vavau island by Cruise ship, tourists enjoy whales watching, game fishing, surfing, and many more.

17. Tonga’s postage stamps are very popular among philatelists.

18. Flying bats are considered as sacred in this country. They are property of Monarchy and considered as protected animal.

19. Foreigners can not buy land in in this country, because lands are protected by the Constitution of Tonga.

20. A large network of limestone cavern Anahulu Cave is a known freshwater pool and a popular bating spot.

21. The Mapu a Vae or “Whistle of the Noble” are famous natural blowholes in the Kingdom of Tonga.

22. The literacy rate of the country is 98.9%.

23. The country has one of the highest overweight and obese population. King Tupou IV was the world’s heaviest monarch with 208.7 kg weight.

24. Highest point of the country is situated in Kao Island, with an elevation of 1033 meters.

25. The famous wooden palace of Tonga Royal Palace is the official residence of the King of Tonga.

26. The largest population is involved in farming banana, coconut, sweet potato, coffee, and forest woods.

27. People of this country likes to behave politely. During the meeting, they used to handshake and offer foods while welcoming guests.

28. People love to have a bath daily, specifically during rain.

29. Swimming and shops generally remain close on Sunday. The Sunday system has been following strictly.

30. Tongans have a phobia about ghosts. They even avoid visiting forests a night. Some believe that during sick, the ghost remains in the human body.

Famous personalities:

-Uliuli Fifita(wrestler)

-George Tupou V (King of Tonga)

-The Brabarian (TV Actor)

-Toby Faletau (Rugby player)

-John Hopoate (Professional Boxer)

-George Tupou I(Politician)

-Salote Tupou III (Politician)

-Pierre Hola (Athlete)

-Sona Taumalolo (Rugby player)

-Futa Helu (Philosopher)

Popular destinations:

-The Ha’amonga ‘Maui Trilithon

-Talamahu Market

-St Joseph’s Cathedral

-Mapu a Vaea natural blowholes

-Ha’atafu Beach

-Hafangalupe Archway


-Hahifo’s Archaeological Sites



-Royal Palace

-Free Church of Tonga







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