Amazing facts about UY Scuti

Amazing facts about UY Scuti

UY Scuti is red supergiant star located in the constellation Scutum. It was discovered by a German astronomers in 1860. UY Scuti is one of the largest known stars by radius.  

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NamesUY Scuti
Mean distance from Sun5100 light years
Radius755 Solar radius
Mass7-10 solar mass
Surface gravity-0.5 cgs
Temperature3605 ± 170 K

Some amazing facts:

1. While working on a survey in Bonn Observatory, German astronomers cataloged UY Scuti in 1860.

2. The mean distance of UY Scuti and the Earth is 9500 light-years.

3. It is 5 billion times larger than Sun.

4. If the UY Scuti is placed in the center of the solar system than it will expand up to Jupiter.

5. The radius of the UY Scuti is 1.188 X 109 kilometers and the radius of the Sun is 696392. So obviously the radius of UY Scuti is 1708 times larger than Sun.

6. It is classified as a semiregular variable star. Thus, its pulsation period is 740 days.

7. The absolute magnitude of the UY Scuti is -6.2, this is the reason that it is 340000 times more luminous than Sun.

8. Three massive stars near the galactic center – UY Scuti, AH Scorpii, and KW Sagittarii. Among them, UY Scuti is the largest one.

9. If an object travels at the speed of light then it will take 8 hours to orbit the UY Scuti. But the same object will take only 14.5 seconds to orbit the Sun.

10. Currently, UY Scuti started to fuse the helium and fusing hydrogen as well around the core. Some report suggests that after fusing elements this metal-rich star will go to supernova.

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