Random Space facts

Random Space facts

Space is full of mystery. Since Copernicus to Edwin Hubble, many astronomers spent their entire life to explore the space. Somehow they succeed but that is too little for space science because it is enormous and has no limit. Though their contribution has opened new dimensions in astronomy. But how much we know about space? The simple answer is quite little. The more we explore the more we will discover. So by following facts, we will try to find some of those interesting facts.

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Space has no sound-

In Earth wind is used as a medium for sound movement. But in space, there is no wind so no carrier of sound. That’s why there is total silence in space.

Astronauts are connected with cable during spacewalk-

There is no wind or gravity present in space, so there is a chance that during spacewalk astronauts will be lost in the space. To solve this problem astronauts wear spacesuits that are connected with an umbilical cable with International Space Station. And to rotate they use hand rockets.

Mercury is not the hottest planet-

According to the placement of the planets in the solar system, Mercury located near to the Sun. But there is no atmosphere in Mercury that could hold the heat of Sun. Thus the next planet Venus has crowned as the hottest planet in the solar system, which has a surface temperature of 450 degrees Celsius. Venus has carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere which is capable to hold the Sun’s heat.

The next sighting of Halley Comet will be in 2061-

Halley’s Comet is one of the most amazing phenomena in the night sky. But it only shows after 76 years. The last sighting happened in 1986 and next will be some time between 2061 and 2062.

Sun is equal to 99% of the total solar systems mass-

The solar system is formed of comets, asteroids, water particles, planets, natural satellites, and many more objects. The sun is situated in the middle of the solar system. Most of these objects in the solar system are created from the Sun. So the Sun holds 99% of the mass of the solar system. It has 109 times the diameter of Earth and nearly 1 million Earths could fit the Sun.

The universe is huge and where are we?

In this Universe, there are many galaxies. Though most of them are still not discovered. But there is some universe which is traced earlier- Andromeda, The Milky Way, Whirlpool and few more. Our solar system is part of the Milky Way galaxy. According to the astronomers, there are 125 billion galaxies can be traceable.

There are billions of stars in our Galaxy-

Near about 100 to 400 billion stars are present in the Milky Way galaxy.

The nearest and farthest Galaxy is not known to all-

A spiral galaxy Andromeda is the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy and the farthest one is GN-z11. A high redshift galaxy GN-z11 is situated 32 billion light-years far from Earth.

What is the Karman Line?

Karman line is an artificial line that defines the boundary between earth atmosphere and outer space. According to Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the measurement is 100 kilometer from the sea level. But US Air force and NASA have defied with that and they have their version which is 800 kilometers above the sea level.

Is there is no temperature in Space?

Space has no wind but has a certain temperature. According to the background radiation temperature of the space chilly -270.45 degrees Celsius.

Venus has more rotation period than orbital duration-

To rotate in its axis Venus takes 243 Earth day whereas it takes 224 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

Particles with the same characters will form a single object-

In space, two different objects with the same characteristic value will form a single object if they come in contact with each other.

In space there is water-

As per scientists, a huge amount of water droplets are floating around space, which creates massive water vapor. The total mass of the vapor is 140 trillion times the mass of Ocean water on Earth.

There is a mountain higher than Mount Everest-

On Mars, there is a large shield volcano called Olympus Mons. It is the highest mountain in the space as well as in the solar system. The total height of the mountain is datum 21287.m, which is two and a half times the height of Mount Everest present in the Earth.

A planet made of the diamond-

55 Cancri e is an expo planet, which was discovered on 30th August 2004. Most of the planet is made of carbon. One-third of the planet is covered by carbon and due to the high temperature and pressure, carbon converted into the diamond. 55 Canri e has two times the diameter of Earth and orbiting a star named 55 Cancri e A.

Extraterrestrial diamonds could be found in our solar system-

Some planets like Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Saturn have a large reserve of diamonds. Methane under high pressure converted into diamonds on those planets.

It is expensive to wear a spacesuit-

One will surprise to know about the real price tag of the spacesuits. It costs $1200000. Around 70% of the total cost is for the backpack and control module.

The ring system is also found in other minor planets-

As we know that ring systems can be found in some of the planets like -Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. But some of the minor planets also have a ring system. A minor planet and a centaur 10199 Chariko have two rings around it.

Andromeda and Milky way are going to collide-

Two enormous galaxies Andromeda and Milky Way is going to collide with each other in 4.75 billion years. These two galaxies are approaching each other at the rate of 11 km/sec, and after the collision, they will form a giant elliptical galaxy.

It will take millions of years to disappear the human footprints left on Moon-

Footprints of the Apollo astronauts left behind on the Moon surface will take 100 millions of years to disappear. The reason is the absence of atmosphere and water on the surface area of the Moon.

Pluto is no more planet now-

Pluto has lost its planet status in 2006 and categorized as a dwarf planet.

No human stepped on Mars surface-

As of now no human space mission launched to Mars. Till the mission which was related to Mars has conducted a survey on the Mars surface with robots only. Now Mars is becoming a hot subject for space exploration programs. NASA is the only space agency that has intended to launch a human mission for Mars by 2033.

Some of the planets have a unique rotation path-

Uranus spins on its axis like barrel and Venus revolves reverse way that the other planets generally rotate on its axis.

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