interesting facts about tainwan

Interesting facts about Taiwan

Taiwan is East Asian state located in the South China sea. The official name of the island is the Republic of China. Taiwan and Peoples republic of China has a major difference. ROC claims itself a independent country whereas Peoples Republic of China claims Taiwan as its integral pat. It is the only Independent island which stand against China’s policies, and always raise heir voice against China. Taiwan is a Unitary Presidential Republic, where president along with Premier running the island jointly. This island is one of the dense populated island in the world, there are 605 people living in per square kilometers area. The total area of Taiwan is 36197 square kilometers. As of 2018 island’s per capita income is more than 14273 US dollars. Taiwan is economically most advance region in the Asian continent. World’s most electronic giants have their factories in this island. From culture to social advancements this island has many interesting facts.

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Population23604265 (2020)
Area36197 square kilometer
HDI0.786 (high)
CurrencyNew Taiwan Dollar
LanguagesMandarin,Taiwanese-hokkien,Hakka,Formosan languages, Matsu and different sign languages
National AnthemNational Anthem of the Republic of China
ReligionBuddhism,Taoism,Christian and some unaffiliated peoples
National FlowerPlum Blossom
National SportsBaseball
National BirdFormosan Blue Magpie
National AnimalTaiwan blue magpie
International dialing code+886
Top Level

Some interesting facts –

1. The largest ethnic group of Taiwan is Han Chinese, Maloyo Polynesian.

2. The Peoples Republic of China maintains a strain relation with Taiwan. If any country maintains diplomatic ties with China then that country cannot convey its any kind of ties with Taiwan directly. If any country found to do so, then the Peoples Republic of China suspends its any kind of relation with that respective country. For this reason, Tain lost it’s UN membership in 1971 when China started to claim Taiwan as their integral part.

3. Till now only 14 countries and Holy See maintains their diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Taiwan Historical facts

4. Modern Chinese name Taiwan came during Taiwan Prefecture in 1684.

5. Portuguese named the island Formosa. But during the 17th century, the Dutch East Indian company changed to Taoyuan.

6. The present name Republic of China was adopted after the Xinhai Republic in 1912.

Taiwan Geographical facts

7. Taiwan is a fault rock-based island. Fault rocks generally cover too few kilometers, most of them can be spread over hundreds of kilometers. This is the actual reason behind the average height of the island, which is 3500 meters high. Taiwan is the fourth-highest island in the world.

8. The highest point of the island is Mount Yu or Yu-Shan. It is 3952 meters high from the Earth’s sea bed.

9. Due to the location of Taiwan into the Tropic of Cancer zone, its climate is marine tropical. During summer Taiwan receives maximum rain. The island receives an average of 2600 millimeters of rain annually.

10. Taiwan has many submarine volcanoes along with its coastline. It is situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Due to this Taiwan feels many earthquakes throughout the year. Some of them are low magnitude earthquakes and some have higher magnitude. In an incident, once the old city Pingtung faced a massive earthquake of 6.4 magnitudes. According to the report, there have been 117 people killed in that earthquake.

11. Taipei is the cultural and political center of Taiwan. But not the old one. Old city Tainan is the oldest city on the island. Sometimes it refers to a “Capital City”. Tainan is known for its multicultural and mix social aspects, thus its got its nickname “the Phoenix City”. This ancient city was settled in 1590.

12. It was during Japanese ruling in Taiwan when the island has seen its maximum private investment. It was the time when maximum industrialization happened. As of now, Tain host many international electronic giants. From Foxconn to HTC or Asus many of these companies have their installations here. Most of the mobile and electronic parts are exported heavily from Taiwan. Export wise Taiwan considered among the 21 st highest countries in the world.

13. Four most economically advance region in Asia is collectively known as “Four Asian Tigers”.

14. Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. This industrial achievement is popularly named as “Taiwan Miracle”.

15. Taipei 101 is a famous high rise in Taiwan. It is owned by Taipei Financial Center Corporation. After its completion in 2004, it was then the highest building in the world. But in 2010 it lost its crown to the Burj Khalifa. Now Taipei 101 is 11th highest building the world.

16. Despite its bitter relation with China, Taiwan has the highest collection of Chinese artifacts. In the National Palace Museum, there are more than 650000 Chinese bronzes, artifacts, and various antiques.

17. Karaoke is a Japanese video game. It is a game where onscreen lyrics of songs appear with background music. Singer sings his or her song according to background music. It is very popular in China, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan. Its present value in the market is 10 billion us dollars. In short, Karaoke is known as KTV.

18. Many shops in Taiwan remain open 24 hours. A famous 24-hour chain 7-eleven is one of them. Along with shopping these shops also provide shipping and packing services in the city.

Taiwan cultural facts

19. Taiwanese people wear masks regularly. To keep them safe from air pollution and to keep them the heat of the Sun they wear a mask during their journey. Their heavy usage of surgical masks made them the “Mask Capital of Asia”.

20. Taiwanese peoples are generally polite. They do not like rudeness in their speech. In Taiwan it is better not to say “no” directly, instead of that one can say – “yah maybe or maybe”.

21. Like U.S.A 13 number is also considered as an unlucky number in Taiwan. Because of the Chinese influence in Taiwanese culture, they also prefer not to name their buildings fourth floor as 4. Instead of that they simply keep it any other number.

22. In August, the people of Twain celebrate a Hungry Ghost Festival. They do not start any business or plan a tour as well as they even do not arrange a marriage celebration this month. This month is considered an unlucky month in Taiwan.

23. Milk tea is a popular drink in many Asian countries. But Taiwan has its won milk tea called Bubble Tea. Tea served with tapioca ball, aloe vera jelly, grass jelly, or fruit jelly is originated in the 1980s. Two big cities of Taiwan – Taipei, and Taichung- are the birthplace of this special Bubble Tea.

Some cool facts

24. Taiwanese peoples are one of the world’s most hardworking peoples. The average Taiwanese people work 70 hours per week.

25. The students of Taiwan are among high IQ students in the world. They are popular for their consistent high score in mathematics

26. According to some archaeologists 10000 years ago Taiwan was once connected Mainland of China by a bridge.

27. Islands Eluanbi Lighthouse is the brightest lighthouse on the Island. Due to its brightness, it is named “The Light of East Asia”. The construction of the Lighthouse was finished and opened in 1883.

28. The Formosan black bear is the largest land animal in Taiwan. This animal is now recognized as the national symbol of Taiwan.

29. It will take eight hours to travel across the island.

30. There are 400 different types of butterflies can be found in Taiwan. The huge presence of this butterfly made this island a butterfly kingdom.

31. There is a restaurant called Modern Toilet. It shows cases of toilet theme in every utensils and furniture of the restaurant.

32. Most of the people of Taiwan have their surname – Chen. There are almost 12% of the population have their surname Chen.

33. Taiwan is among the lowest mortality region in the world. Right now it stands in 216 the position where 1.2 mortality rate per mother.

34. With a total of 150 hot springs, Taiwan has 2nd highest number of hot springs in the world after Japan.

35. It has some funny English names for their children – Lion, Circle, King and a few more.

36. In Taiwan, dustbins are should be kept in the house not outside. When the garbage trucks come to collect them, people come out of their house to dump those dustbins in it. The garbage trucks run high volume music to inform the residents to collect garbage.

37. Taiwan’s Yehliu Geopark is like a Disneyland for mountain and rock climbers. Some formations of the rock heads are known with different names. Most popular among them is “Queen Head”, she is an iconic personality in Taiwan. This rock head is also an unofficial emblem of the town Wanli. Few more formations are Fairy shoe, the “Beehive”, the “Ginger Rocks” etc.  


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