Interesting facts about Moldova

Interesting facts about Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country, located in the Eastern part of Europe. Moldova is one of the poorest country in Europe where per head income is $5 US dollars. Nearly 55% population is considered economically weak. Population wise it was the densest state during the Soviet era. The total population of the country is 2681735(as of 2019) and the population density is 90.5/km2. The largest ethnic group is Moldavian, Roman, Ukrainian, and Russian. Area wise Moldova is 33rd largest country in Europe and 135th largest state in the world. A landlocked country Moldova has no coastal area. Moldova is surrounded by Ukraine at three sides(north, east and southern) and the western side is surrounded by Romania. Romanian is the official language of the country. Orthodox Christian are the largest religion in the country. It is the member state of the Council of Europe but not enlisted in the European Union. Despite its vast history and marvelous architecture, Moldova is still one of the least visited countries in Europe. But the country has many interesting facts. Let’s see them.

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Population2681735 (2019)
Area33846 square kilometer
HDI0.711 (high)
CurrencyLeu (MDL)
National AnthemLimba noastra
ReligionOrthodox Christian
National HolidayIndependence day, Hora, Martisor, Pastele Blajinilor
National FlowerBasil, Dog Rose
Popular SportsWrestling Tranta
National BirdWhite stork
National animalAurochs, Sheep

1. The driving side of the country is the right side.

2. +373 is the international dialing code of Moldova. So if you have any friends there, you can contact them by dialing that code.

3. The name Moldova was originated from an ancient region Moldovia. Presently that region is distributed into three independent states. The western part is in Romania(eastern Romania), the eastern part is in Moldova and the northern, as well as the southern part, is in Ukraine now.

4. Since ancient times Moldova was ruled by Greek, Roman, Huns, Bulgars, and Mongols.

5. Bodgan1 is considered as the greatest ruler of Moldova. He signed a pact with Poland and got success to overthrow the Kingdom of Hungary from Moldova. In 1359 he established an independent region – The Principality of Moldova. Bogdan1 or Bogdan the Founder is recognized as the first ruler of Moldova.

6. But during 1400 Alexander the Good or Alexander 1 succeeded to gain control over Moldova with the help of Hungary and ruled until 1432.

7. In 1538 Moldova came under Ottoman Empire.

8. Ottoman rule came to an end after the Russo-Turkish war(1877-1878). After the war, the Russian Empire got the eastern part while the western part remained with Turkey. Russians named the eastern part of Bessarabia.

9. Bessarabia came under Roman rule in the 19th century.

10. During 1940’s Moldova again came under the Russian Empire and continued as a part of the Soviet Union.

11. After the fall of the Soviet Union, it separated from the union and in 1992 it was accepted as an independent state from U.N.

12. Geologically mainland Moldova is created from Carpathian mountain. Thus most part of the country is covered by mountainous regions.

13. The highest pick of the country is Balanesti hill which is 1410 ft high.

14. Most part of Moldova is situated between Dniester and Prut river.

15. The Country has a small coastal region along the Danube river. Where countries only port Giurgiulesti is located. The coastal area is only 480 meters long and Moldova shares only this much area with the Danube.

16. Though Moldova does not share any coastal region with the Black Sea, it has much impact on Moldova’s climate. During January the temperature remains -40C whereas the maximum temperature rises up to 200C during summer.

17. The highest temperature 410C recorded in 2007 and the lowest ever recorded temperature was -350Cin 1963.

18. Around 60% of the population is involved in the service sector.

19. Moldova is famous for its wine production. A total of 148500 hectares of land is filled with grapes vines.

20. As per 2018, Moldova was the 11th largest wine producer in Europe.

21. Moldova exports around 67million wine bottles to other countries like Poland, Russia, Romania, and the United States of America.

22. In 2006 Russia banned Moldovan wine bottles and again 2013 Moldova faced the same ban from Russia. Thus the country suffered huge economic setbacks. Still, it didn’t get over from that and gradually became one of the poorest states in Europe.

23. The wine industry of Moldova has 4000-5000 years of a long history. Earlier the banks of Nistru and Prut were full of vines and still those vines exist.

24. The wine production increased during Russian rule.

25. Worlds largest wine cellar is built in Milestii Mici. There are 2million bottles are stored in that cellar. As per the Guinness World Record, it is the largest wine cellar in the world. This cellar has a storage of  70% red wine and 10% dessert wines.

26. The most valuable one is €480 bottles, which was only exported to Japan. And produced in 1973-74.

27. Moldova is the least visited European country. In 2016 only 12100 foreign tourists visited the country.

28. The country has nearly 30 monasteries. The most famous one is Orheiul Vechi. This 2000 years old monastery has one of the largest open-air compounds.

29. Chisinau International Airport is the main international airport in the country.

30. The crime has become a serious issue in the country. From human trafficking to underworld crimes are growing seriously.

31. Moldova people love to play Trinta, which is similar to wrestling.

32. World’s largest Jews cemetery is in Chisinau.

33. Moldova has a long dispute with Transnistria. In 1992 their dispute transformed into war, which started in 1992 and ended in the same year. Now Transnistria is a breakaway state of Moldova. Transnistria has elected president and prime minister and they have their own currency Transnistria ruble. Transnistria’s capital city is Tiraspol.

34. It is reported that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian armies 14th division left nearly 400000 tonnes of weaponry and ammunition in Transnistria.

Famous personalities:

-Baruch Agadati (1895-1976)- Palestinian-Israeli classical ballet dancer and film producer and director.

-Alexandru Donici- poet and translator

-Ion Vatamanu – novelist

-Maria Bieșu- opera singer

-Dan Balan- pop singer

-Pavel Stratan- folk singer

-Nocolae Donici- astronomer

-Vitaly Gurusac- boxer

-Vladimir Plahotniuc – politician, businessman

-Dorin Chirtoaca- politician

Popular destinations:

-Ciricova winery



-Tipova Monastery


-Chisinau city center



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