Interesting facts about Jerusalem

Interesting facts about Jerusalem

One of the world’s most disputed territory is Jerusalem. Jerusalem is considered among ancient cities, where Christians, Muslims, Jews considered their holy place. After the announcement of its independence by United Nations in 1947, both Israel and Palestine claim Jerusalem as their capital city. From ancient times Jerusalem has full of interesting facts.

Administered byIsrael
Claimed byIsrael and Palestine
Israili districtJerusalem
Palestinian governorateQuds
Area (city)125.156 dunams or 125.156 square kilometers
DemonymsJerusalemite (Yerushalmi)Qudsi/Maqdisi
HDI0.704 (high)
DemographicsJewish -60.8%,Arab-37.9% and others-1.3%
RegionJerusalem District

Jerusalem Facts –

1. Jerusalem was established as “City of David” in 1010 BCE. Since 3000 years Jew people are living in Jerusalem.

2. The city of David is a Palestinian Arab village built in Israel Settlement. In Arab, it is called Wadi Hilweh.

3. 0.9 square kilometers walled area of Jerusalem Old City is a holy area for three faith of world- Christian, Jews, and Islam.

4. The holy place of Jews Temple Mount, Islam faiths holy site Dome of the Rock as well as Al-Aqsa Mosque and Christian holy place Church of the Holy Sepulchre Situated in Old City area.

5. After the 1948 Arab Israeli war and 1967 six-day war gave power Israel to take control over the east and West Jerusalem and subsequently all Jerusalem.

6. The historical city of Jerusalem was captured 44 times and attacked more than 52 times. But this was not the end this city faced destruction two times.

7. In the 1400 century BCE during the Canaanite period, Jerusalem was named Jerusalem. On Egyptian tablets, Urusalim means “City of Shalem” according to the Canaanite deity.

8. During the rule of Kingdom Judah in the 8th century, the city was developed as a religious and administrative center.

9. The area which is called Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site that accepted in 1981.

10. After 1860 the Old City started to grow beyond the boundary.

11. Jerusalem conquered by King David from Jebusites. According to the Bible, the city was established in the city as the capital of the United Kingdom of Israel.

12. There are also two temple structures built in Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. First Temple is built was built by King Solomon. Second Temple was built under the Achaemenid appointed governor Zerubbabel. The Second Temple was in the place of First Temple, which was destroyed by the Neo-Babylonian Empire. Since the 1st century in the place of destroyed Second Temple, the Third Temple is still a disputed issue between Jews and Muslims.

13. There are more than 2000 archaeological sites present in Jerusalem.

14. The Walls of Jerusalem was rebuilt by Sultan Suleiman 1 during Ottoman rule.

15. The total length of the wall is 4018 meters and the height is 12 meters with 2.5 thickness.

16. There are several gates built along with the wall. Among them, 7 to 9 gates are opened for traffic movement and two minor gates are opened for archaeologists while their gates remained closed as of now. There is also 34 watch tour built around the Walls of Jerusalem.

17. Walls of Jerusalem is also a UNESCO recognized world heritage site which was accredited along with Old City in 1981.

18. A Greek Orthodox Monastery Mar Elias Monastery is an important place in Christian faith. In a Christian belief, a prophet and a miracle worker Elijah rested here after fleeing from the King of Israel’s wife Jezebel’s prosecution. The place is also a burial ground of Greek Bishop Elias of Bethlehem and St. Elias who was an Egyptian monk.

19. Jerusalem’s only open-air mall is Mamilla Mall. This huge open-air mall runs perpendicular to the Old City Walls of Jerusalem between Jaffa road and Yitzhak Kariv Street.

20. The Western Wall is also known as the Buraq Wall in Islam. It is a holy wall among Jews and Christians. According to Islam faith, the is the site from where the Islamic prophet Muhammad tied his winged steed known as al-Buraq on important Islam Night Journey Isra and Miraj. It was time when he ascends to paradise form Jerusalem and thus created the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

21.  Mount Zion is the burial ground of the Israel king David. According to the Hebrew Bible, he was the third king of the United Monarchy of Israel and Judah.

22. Jerusalem is considered among the most beautiful places on Earth. With numerous historical architectures and as a holy place for three different faiths. Apart from that this small city

23. Jerusalem has many options to visit from Tel Aviv. Numerous Bus stations like Israel’s one of the busiest bus stations Jerusalem Central Bus Station, Ben Gurion Airport, High-speed rail line and many more transportation systems running or under construction.

24. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the oldest universities in the world. Originally founded in 1918, three years before the foundation of the State of Israel. It ranked among 100 best universities in the world and host as the largest Jewish studies library. Albert Einstein was among the first Board of Governors of this University.

25. Established in 1965 Israel Museum has one of the world’s largest collection of the Holy Land archaeology along with Jewish art and Life. It attracts more than 1 million tourists per year from all around the world. It is situated on the hill of Givat Ram near Jerusalem.

26. One of the popular markets of Jerusalem is the Mahane Yehuda market. It has consisted of 250 vendors who mainly sell spices, textiles, seeds, and many essential items. This market is also famous for its showcasing of artworks among tourists.

27. Mount Olives of Jerusalem is one of the oldest continuously used Jewish cemetery. Form 3000 years it is used as Jewish Cemetry and holds more than 150000 graves to date.

28. Damascus Gate is one of the main entrance of the Old City of Jerusalem.

29. An old Wind Mill can be seen in Jerusalem, Montefiore Windmill. Built-in 1857 by Moses Montefiore under the then construction of first Jewish settlement outside the Old City of Jerusalem, named Mishkenot Shaananim.

30. The word Jerusalem created with two Hebrew words yireh and Shalem.

31. Jerusalem has more than 400 high tech companies.

32. Jerusalem holds a record number of tourist night stay which is 2.5 million each year.

33. The national cemetery of Israel is Mount Herzl near the Jerusalem Forest.


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