Interesting facts about Hollywood

Interesting facts about Hollywood

Hollywood is situated in a neighborhood region of Los Angeles, California. Known as a Tinseltown and Dream Factory for film production. Most of the American film studios are present here for many years. Originally founded by Daeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge who donated the mainland of Hollywood. Hollywood became the American film capital and many studios flock down to the area to establish their studios with low priced land. Thus the journey of Hollywood begins and still in good shape. So let’s have a look at some interesting facts about the world’s most famous film industry hub.

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1. Hobart Johnstone Whitley, the “Father of Hollywood” named the place while on his honeymoon vacation with his wife Margaret Virginia. He was born in the city of Toronto, Canada, and became a naturalized US citizen during 1870.

2. Glen-Holly Hotel was the first hotel built in mainland Hollywood in 1895.

3. For plot buyers, H.J Whitley built a famous Hollywood Hotel in December 1902. In 2001 the hotel was demolished. That place was taken by Hollywood and Highland Center and the famous Dolby Theatre. At present renowned Academy, Award Ceremony takes place in this hotel.

4. The famous signboard “Hollywood” was not there from establishment time, earlier that was written as “Hollywoodland”,to promote the land for sale built above the Hollywood hills. Later in 1949, the Hollywood sign remained the same but the word Land was removed.

Hollywood Film industry facts

5. In 1900 most of the motion picture patents were held by Thomas Edison’s company Motion Picture Patents Company. To avoid the legal problems most of the motion picture companies started to move out of New Jersey. They started to start their productions in Los Angeles. Actually, at that time land prices are comparatively in Los Angeles.

6. Nestor Film Company was the first studio in Hollywood. And upon the establishment of some of the biggest film production houses like Paramount, Warner Brothers, RKO, and Columbia in 1918, Hollywood became one of the biggest film industries in the country. By 1930 the industry started producing 600 films per year.

7. A 17-minute silent film In “Old California” was the first motion picture in Hollywood. Directed by D.W.Griffith in 1910 the film was made for a motion picture company Biograph Company.

8. The first freeway ran through the Hollywood was Hollywood Freeway during 1950.

9. The last radio station in Hollywood was KNX.

10. The first commercial television station was established in Hollywood was KTLA in January 22nd,1947.

11. The Public Prosecutor was the first network television series filmed in Hollywood during 1947.

12. The Jazz Singer was the first talkie made in 1927. Produced by Warner Brothers, it was the first feature-length motion picture where singing and lips synchronized music and speech used in many sequences.

13. A famous cemetery Forever Cemetery is built in Hollywood. It is Hollywood’s only cemetery which was built in 1899 and many famous stars were buried there such as Bugsy Siegel, Chris Cornell, and many more.

14. Hollywood Walk of Fame has many stars on the sidewalk except Muhammad Ali’s. because he did not want to walk over it.

15. Hollywood Walk of fame was created by the volunteer president of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce E.M.Stuart in 1953.

16. Along with Hollywood, Alabama there are more 10 other towns with the same name tried to trademark their towns as Hollywood. But after their fail attempts in the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, they had pay royalties.


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