Facts and History about Earth Day

Facts and History about Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated each year on 22nd April. Earlier the specific date was not selected. It was all started from Davis City, USA. An activist of peace and environment John McConnell was the man behind the concept of this memorable day. He was very much conscious about the Earth. He believed that as a human we have to protect the Earth. So with his conscience on 1969, he proposed to mark a particular day for the Earth and peace. In America with the backing from Gaylord Nelosnthen then Governor of Wisconsin and an environmental advocate Denis Hayes renamed the day as Earth Day and they selected the date 22nd April,1970. Now a total of 193 countries in the world celebrate the day as an Earth Day. To make this day memorable we will discuss some of the interesting facts about this day.

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Facts List of the day:

1. Proposed by John McConnell and signed by UN directer general U Thant the date 21st March 1970 became history.

2. Do you know that that 21st March was the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere during that year?

3. Exact one month later governor Gaylord Nolosnthen hired a young boy Denis Hayes as a National Coordinator. And both of them renamed the day as Earth Day. Overnight a young activist came into the limelight as Denis Hayes.

4. For his notable work, Gaylord Nolosnthen was later awarded President Medal of Freedom.

5. At first, the 22nd April was only focused on the United States of America but in 1990 Denis Haynes took it to international and the first Earth Day was celebrated Internationally on 22nd April 1990.

6. The first celebration of Earth Day saw 20 million Americans on the road. They came up with numerous posters on their hands.

7. In 1970 Central Park was made available for only the Earth Day celebration.

8. The same year Americans celebrated Environmental Rights Day in Santa Barbara. It was 1st anniversary of the Santa Barbara oil spill, which killed many sea birds, seals, dolphins.

9. The celebration was first of its kind that inspired to create the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act.

10. The 2000 Earth Day celebration brought the new tool to spread the real motive. For the first time in 2000, the internet was used to organize activists and organizations from all around the world. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was the first host of that event.

11. Historic Paris Agreement was signed by 120 countries in 2016 Earth Day.

12. People from all over the world plant trees, clean garbage and do many more things which are essential to keep the environment and our earth clean.

13. After 2009 the official name of The Earth Day changed into International Mother Earth Day.


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