Interesting facts about Australia

Interesting facts about Australia

Australia is an island country, a sovereign state, and a continent. This kind of land area is only of its kind in the world. The name Australia is “Terra Australia Incognito” which means Unknown Southern Land. One of the least dense countries Australia has population density 2 per square kilometers. As per 2020, the total population of the country is 25678709. This country is known for its flora and fauna. The famous Australian kangaroo has a large presence in the country. Where some time it can be confusable whether the kangaroo or human who has a large population in Australia. So the list is not completed here.

Population25678709 (2020)
Area7692024 square kilometer
HDI0.938 (very high)
CurrencyAustralian dollar
National AnthemAdvance Australia Fair
ReligionNo-religion,Catholic,Anglican,other-christian,Islam, Christian, Hindu
National FlowerAcacia pycnantha
National SportsCricket
National Birdemu
National AnimalRed Kangaroo

1. Australia’s Highway 1 is the longest national highway in the world. It is14500 kilometers long and runs almost entire Australia.

2. Until 1900 Australia was known as New Holland. In 1644 Dutch explorer Abel Tasman named it.

3. Human presence can be found in Australia from 65000 to 70000 years earlier. Inhabitants from southwest Asia settled here at first and thus they are considered as the ancestors of the modern Australian.

4. Australia is the 12th most economically developed country in the world. As of 2019 Human Development index wise it is in the 6th position and as per the 2016 Australian dollar is the 15th most traded currency in the foreign exchange markets.

5. Average wealth wise Australia became the second-largest country after Switzerland between 2013 to 2018.

6. After 1981 the country didn’t face any recession period.

7. Worlds sports capital crown has given to the capital city Canberra. About 70% of the population of the city is involved in any kind of sports or physical activity.

8. Worlds longest fence Dingo Fence is in Australian state Queensland. The 5614 kilometers long fence was built to protect sheep from Dingo( dogs). It took nearly 5 years to build from 1880 to 1885.

9. Australian medical systems are one of the oldest systems in the world. About 4000 years old practice was used to treat depression and anger.

10. There are many poisonous snakes found in the Australian desert and different places around the country. The inland taipan is the most poisonous snake in Eastern Australia. It is thought that a single bite of this snake can kill 100 humans.

11. Australia has more than 10000 sea beaches, so if anyone plans to visit them one by one then it will take 27 years to complete the tour.

12. The number of the kangaroo is more than the population of the country. Nearly 25 million kangaroos living in Australia.

13. People of Australian known as Australian and Aussies. A survey says that average Australian drinks71.4 liters per year.2015-16 wise Australia stands in 23 rd position.

14. It is advisable not to wear a black shirt and shoes while walking on the road. Australian think the black dress generally reflects thieves.

15. Walking by the right side of the footpath is prohibited.

16. The country’s first batch of the police force was thugs. Governor Arthur Philip was satisfied with their behavior during the days in jail. So he appoints them as the first police force of the country.

17. Worlds only two mammals can lay eggs. Platypus and Echidna, they are only found in Australia.

18. Almost 200 different cultures exist in the country. People from 200 countries came here and made their home.

19. In Australia, every citizen must cast vote otherwise they have to pay fine.

20. Per head wise Australia consumes 2nd highest amount of meat. A single Australians consume 200 pounds of meat per year.

21. Australia’s 75% of its living species are still unknown to the Australians.

22. Worlds largest cattle station is Anna Creek Station. The total area of the cattle station is 23677 square kilometers which slightly larger than Israel.

23. According to the 2001 report Australian city, Melbourne has 151758 Greek population which is 47% of the total population of the city. It is the largest Greek population staying outside of Greece.

24. An underground coal fire is burning for 6000 years. It is known as Burning Mountain also known as Mount Wingen.

25. Australian Alps is the highest mountain range in Australia. It receives more snow than the Swiss Alps.

26. Victoria Alps is known for its bushfire.

27. There are 120 alpine huts built-in Australian Alps. They are mostly visited by skiing groups hikers etc. These are mainly maintained by volunteers.

28. A popular hiking spot Mount Disappointment is an 800-meter high mountain. Two Australian explorers Hamilton Hume and William wanted to watch Port Phillip Bay from the mountain top but found nothing and named the Mountain as Mount Disappointment.

29. Worlds largest coral reef The Great Barrier Reef. Spread over 344400 square kilometers, it is composed of 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands which are stretched over 2300 kilometers. This reef is situated in the Coral Sea, which is off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

30. 600 meters length by 250 meters width Lake Hiller, popularly known as the pink lake is located in Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia.

31. Australia has the largest population of camel outside Egypt. In Australia, these species are known as Australian Feral Camel.

32. Australian Island Tasmania is the 26 largest island in the world. The air quality of the island is considered one of the cleanest air in the world. This island is the founding place of the first environmental party in the world United Tasmania Group.

33. Australia is one of the largest wine producer and exporter in the world. It produces 1.2 to 1.3 billion liters of wine and exports 800 million. At present Australia has 60 wine regions spread 160000 hectares. These regions are mainly located in the southern part of the country.

34. Worlds largest island Fraser Island is located in the Wide Bay – Brunett region of Queensland. The total area of the island is 1655 km2. This popular tourist destination was named after a Scottish woman Eliza Anne Fraser.

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