information about aryabhata satellite

Information about Aryabhata Satellite

19th April 1975 was a historical day for Indian space science. On this day India sent its first domestically made satellite into space. Indian Space Research Organization which was responsible for developing and assembling the satellite has achieved its first success through its launch. It will be a piece of incomplete information about the satellite if the following facts were not covered.

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1. The Aryabhata Satellite was named after a famous Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhata.

2. In 1972 according to an agreement between USSR and then project Director U.R.Rao, USSR could use Indian ports to keep track of their ships, vessels and in return, India can use their launch vehicles and sites for Indian satellites.

3. So as per the agreement, ISRO developed a satellite Aryabhata at their Bangalore facility.

4. The prime reason behind its development was to study solar physics, X-ray astronomy, and aeronomics.

5. ISRO selected a Russian launch site Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Oblast, Russia. A liquid fuel-based two-stage system rocket Kosmos-3M was used for launch.

6. Aryabhata was a 26 sided polyhedron satellite. Except for the top and bottom parts, the whole sides were covered by solar panels to maintain the power supply intact.

7. After the launch during its first 96.46 minutes in orbit, the perigee was 563 kilometers and it had an apogee of 619 kilometers.

8. During its orbit, the inclination towards the Earth was 50.7 degrees.

9. But Alas! The Aryabhata worked for only 4 days. After completing 60 orbits a major power failure detected and on its fifth day, all connection was broken.

10. Although its mainframe was kept working until march 1981.

11. At last, due to its orbital decay, Aryabhata entered into Earth’s atmosphere and destroyed.

12. To remember its success the printed version of the satellite can be found in Indian Two Rupees and a USSR Stamp as well.

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