Etymology of Top 10 countries

A name is used to identify a specific person or an object. We can not find a person or a mountain without its name. Same applies to the countries as well. Who and how the name of a country came or originated, is an interesting thing among us.

France –

Offcial nameFrench Republic
Area640679 square kilometers
Population67076000 (2020)
Official LanguageFrench

The world’s 42nd largest country is France. In ancient times French rulers invaded and ruled many parts of the world. In the western Europe, Kingdom of Frank was the second most powerful kingdom after the Kingdom of Rome. Their history is one of the oldest in the world. The region under the Kingdom of Frank was known as Francia. In German and Italian languages the name of the country is Francia. And it confirmed that the Latin word “Francia” is the word from which the name France originated.

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United States –

Offcial nameUnited States of America
CapitalWashington D.C
Area9833520 square kilometers
National LanguageEnglish

In the modern world, U.S is considered a single superpower country. It is a house of some of the world’s largest companies and each state is well connected with modern facilities. From scientific research, defense programs to technical advancement, U.S is always at the forefront. But the name which gave it an identity has a very crucial history. The real name came up all of a sudden, when an Irish Revolutionary Stephen Moylan wrote a letter to his aide – de – camp of George Washington, Lt.Col.Joseph Road. During the American Revolution Moylan mentioned the name United States of America in his following sentence – “With full and ample powers from the United States of America to Spain”. The reason was to seek help from the United States in the revolutionary war effort on January 2nd,1776. In the same year, an anonymous essay published in “The Virginia Gazatte” where the words “United States of America” also mentioned.

Somehow the reader came into contact with the word America, which is first penned by a cartographer Martin Waldseemuller. In his map, he pointed to Southern America as America. He named the place in the memory of an Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.


Offcial namePeople’s Republic of China
Area9596961 square kilometers
Official LanguageStandard Chinese

In recent times this Asian giant became a global economic power. Besides a powerful country, it is also a neighbor of another developing country India. So there must be many similarities that can be found in both countries. This relation has been proven by some ancient theories, where a Sanskrit word “Cina” is regarded as the origin of the word China. The word Cina can be found in some Hindu scriptures – Manu Smriti and Mahabharata as well. According to another theory, Italian historian Martino Matini believed that that the word China came from the Qin Dynasty. As per his theory, Qin is the origin of China. But the present name Peoples Republic of China came form a popular Zhou dynasty. The word Zhongguo is the origin of that name. Where Zhong means central and Guo means state.

Offcial nameKingdom of Spain
Area505990 square kilometers
Official LanguageSpanish

From ancient times Spanish explorer was well known to the world. They not only explored some of the remotest places but also opened many new dimensions for the European traders. The real origin of the name Spain can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology. The word Hispania came from the ancient Greek character Hesperia. This is the root of the name Spain. But as per another belief, there is a region named Hispania under the Iberian Peninsula. This place was ruled by the Roman army and the present Spanish name Espana came from that Hispania, in English, we called it Spain.

Offcial nameItalian Republic
Area301340 square kilometers
Official LanguageItalian

There is no doubt that most European history is full of Greek and Roman empire stories. Most of the European cities are full of Roman architecture. European Unions’ third most populous country has a long history. So to find the origin of the name, we have to dig deeper. The word Italy is continuously in use for more than 3000 years. There was a region called Italia, which was located in the Italian Peninsula. This peninsula is spread from the Southern Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. At present, the ancient region of Italia is located in the southern part of Italy. This is how the name of Italy came from Italia.


Offcial nameRepublic of Turkey
Area783356 square kilometers
Official LanguageTurkish

The Republic of Turkey also has a long history. From ancient times it has been ruled by many civilizations like Anatolian people, Greeks, Armenians, Thracians, and many more. So this country is known as a diverse cultural-based country, where Anatolian, Ottoman, Turkic, and more multicultural people can be easily found. According to Italians ancient region, Turchia is the origin of the modern Turkey word. In the Turkish language, the name of the country is Turkiye, which was all started in 1923 after the Turkish Revolution. In Sanskrit, the word turask is also used to denote Turkey.  

United Kingdom

Official nameUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Britain)
Area242495 square kilometers
Population67886004 (2020)
NationalityBritish, Briton
Official and National LanguageEnglish

United kingdom is a collection of four different countries – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Once upon a time the most parts of the world captured and ruled by the British. But the present administrative system is a bit different from the past. Now the country is headed by Queen Elizabeth 2 but the administrative power is vested on Prime minister.

According to 1707 Acts of Union the country was known as Scotland and England. After Acts of Union 1800, the name changed to the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland. In 1922 Ireland was broken into two parts – Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland. And afterward, Britain gained its new name Great Britain and Northern Ireland. But the more interestingly the word Britain came from an ancient Celtic Common Brittonic language. An island Pritani is an original word from where Britain came.


Official nameFederation Republic of Germany
Area357022 square kilometers
Population83149300 (2019)
Official and National LanguageGerman

Germany is the richest country in Europe. Because of its developed economy, it has a significant role in the European Union. Germany was also ruled by the Romans for many years. In german, the country is known as Deutschland. During Roman rule, they named an area in Middle East Europe as “Germania”. The name Germany came from that Germania. Once a Roman soldier Julius Ceaser named a place Germania that was located along with the river Rhine.


Official nameRussian Federation
Area17098246 square kilometers
Population146745098 (2020)
Official and National LanguageRussian

Russia is the largest country in the world. It has an ample amount of natural gas, oil, and diamond reserve which are considered as the backbone of the economy. Most part of Russia is covered by snow, therefore Russians have a healthy body. During 9th and 1200 this region was known as the. “Land of Rus”. A European region called Kievan Rus was many inhabited by Eastern Slavic and Finnic people. This part of the world was ruled by a Varangian Rurik Dynasty. Thus the last word Rus is thought to be the origin of Russia.


Official nameFederation of Malaysia
CapitalKuala Lumpur
Area330803 square kilometers
Population32763760 (2020)
Official and National LanguageMalay

The Malay Kingdom has ruled the Malaysian mainland for many years. As per one theory, Malay was the word from which Malaysia named. Melayu is actually a river Malay and a latin word sia collectively called as Malaysia. But according to another theory, two Tamil words “malai” means mountain and “ur” means city, land. So these two Tamil word malai and ur is the origin of Malaysia. To prove this an 11th-century inscription can be found in Brihadeshwara Temple.


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